Day 16

Day 16

No photos today, I’ve got some from yesterday but not enough power to edit.  Forgot to mention in the earlier post we get a tour of the engine room.

The ferry crew knocked on our door about 5 AM letting us know we were due to dock shortly.  We all got up gathered our stuff and headed for the bikes.  Strapped everything back on and headed up the ramp to go through customs as we were in British Columbia again.  We were originally going to stay and extra day in Prince Rupert and go fishing for salmon and halibut but since we had caught salmon in Haines we decided to head south.

I’m ready to be home, see my wife, and play with the dog.  Judi says he misses me, I miss her.

Today was our coldest and warmest day, it was mid fifties and foggy in Prince Rupert when we left this morning, and when we arrived in Vanderhoof this afternoon where we are camping it was 88 degrees.  I kept adding layers this morning and was in a t-shirt this afternoon, and I was still hot.

We’ll head south again in the morning, don’t know where we’ll stop yet, I’d like to make it back to Everett but it’s about 500 miles.  I think I could have made it today, we did a bit over 400 I was told.  I haven’t really been keep track of the mileage or time very closely lately. 😉

Alaska_Day16_2145.JPG Alaska_Day16_2150.JPG Alaska_Day16_2155.JPG Alaska_Day16_2160.JPG Alaska_Day16_2158.JPG Alaska_Day16_2157.JPG Alaska_Day16_2165.JPG Alaska_Day16_2168.JPG Alaska_Day16_2172.JPG Alaska_Day16_2182.JPG Alaska_Day16_2174.JPG Alaska_Day16_2195.JPG Alaska_Day16_2199.JPG Alaska_Day16_2200.JPG