Day 17

The days are all running together now.  We’re backtracking on our earlier route so we’re just trying to get through the miles.  Packed up the tents and left Vanderhoof about 8:30 this morning.  The campground was nice, though a group showed up next to us about 11 PM and started yelling at their kids which woke us all up.  Didn’t take me long to get back to sleep, I think the others were up for a bit longer.

Stopped in for lunch at A&W in Williams Lake and shed some riding gear as it was 90 degrees.  When ee got to hwy 99 and turned towards Pemberton.  Started out riding through the Marble Canyon, then high above the Fraser River, it was somewhat like the eastern Sierra, dry and mountainous.  Got to Lillooet and followed the river, it was a great road, all turns, no straights.  What a great way to finish the day of riding nearly 450 miles.  Everyone was beat from the miles but I could have ridden those curves for awhile longer.  I guess we’ll get more in the morning as we continue south past Whistler towards Everett, Wa where we started riding.  Had dinner at the Mile House, ribeye steaks for everyone.  Almost got the mac and cheese in honor of Judi, I’m sure she would have ordered one of the six kinds they offered, but decided the ribeye was the better choice.

We’ll head to Whistler in the morning for a bit then ride the rest of the way to Andy’s house.  Should be back in Stockton late Tuesday.